Make Your Mark Promo has over 15 years in the promotional products and embellished garment industry. We have assembled a network of exceptional suppliers that we can trust with every one of your orders for pricing, imprint accuracy, delivery, communication and problem resolution. We stay abreast of safety issues as well as new products in order to provide you with compliant, responsible and current products. We are always striving and learning and using our expertise to your advantage! We really love what we do and our customers wouldn’t trust any other distributor with their marketing objectives. So why not give Make Your Mark a try? You will receive effective products, imprinted correctly, at a fair price and delivered on time.

Make Your Mark is not your typical promotional products distributor. How are we different? Make Your Mark is owned and operated by Marsha C. Littlefield. Marsha has over 15 years of experience in the Imprinted Apparel and Promotional Products Industry.
How does utilizing a “woman owned business” make a difference, for you and your company you might ask?
Because, that my friend is a “no brainer” due to the fact that women have a natural ability to listen.

Marsha and the team at Make Your Mark do just that by:
a) Asking questions that can help you reach your goals and effectively promote your business.

b) The Team at Make Your Mark has the innate ability to put themselves in your shoes and do just that by “digging deep” to find out what’s most important to you and the success of your company.

c) The Team at Make Your Mark takes time to personally develop and nurture their professional relationship with you. This is accomplished by providing you with the one item that is too often undervalued and neglected in today’s face paced business environment and that is personalized service.

The number one priority for Marsha and her team is you!